Aniimal Town
The only Aniimal with 2 ii's
About Us
Aniimal Town
Is the place where Dreams & Adventures come true! We were created on July 23, 2009 by the company, Fun Thinkers Inq. Who has a philosophy/motto that says "When you read, you think!"  What is something we like to do for fun? LEARN. We truly enjoy making entertainment, that leads to an eager impression
for knowledge. Fun Thinkers Inq. is an umbrella of many characters, raining down on young minds. Teaching an array of topics, to create imagination.
Our friends which includes Humans and Aniimals. Working in harmony, all to impact the important 
tools for children to learn. If you want to see some 
of Aniimal Towns' familiar faces, just scroll to the gallery, to be greeted by some friends.